Google Stadia - The Game Changing Technology

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                    Gaming is not a hobby anymore. It is a profession now. Many of the professionals are trying their best hand to make something out of what they have. High level of skill, talent, practice and dedication is needed to become a professional gamer. But above all this, a powerful and professional device is required to game properly. As every sport requires accuracy, so does gaming. Being digital, it requires much more precision as digital equipments are used. High fps monitor, high dpi mouse, mechanical keyboard, DDR4 RAM, high clock speed and core processor, better graphics card, quality headsets and a proper microphone is the most basic setup for a gamer which costs more than the salary of an average Indian job holder. If your mind was shuffled, then don’t worry, these are all stupid things. To overcome this problem, Google came into play.

                    Google has introduced their latest idea with the world, named as Google Stadia. This particular thing is very interesting as it does not cost high and at the same time offers the same gaming experience that a professional gaming PC would offer. The concept behind this idea is that Google has prepared some of the gaming servers which work with high performance and offer great frames per second on any game you play, over the internet. Yeah… You read it right… Over the internet. The servers will work as the gaming centers for the gamers and will serve them with the latest pieces of games. You don’t need to buy a game anymore, just have to pay a nominal amount of subscription fee to be a part of Google Stadia and Viola!!! Enjoy the latest games on the click of a button.

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