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Zerosack Networks company articles is all about technicle knowledge sharing with world for awareness and gain basic facts about technology. In this section we shares new tricks and techniques related to web applications, web design & development, search engine optimization, internet marketing, graphics design, domain & hosting solutions and infrastuctural consultation services, cyber security where you can grow you basic knowledge in internet aspects. If this section articles worth to you, then don't forget to share, comment & hit kudos to article. Don't waste your time and lets read related article to you now.
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Steps For Designing Any Dynamic Website (for Beginner).

Rajat Kumar (Tech Head) | March 11, 2017

Hello techies today we are talking about what are the main steps that keep in mind when designing and developing any custom website or web-application.

Although when designing any custom design you should have some pre-requirements needs of programming language like: basic knowledge of front-end language that is HTML (hypertext mark-up language), CSS (cascading style sheet), JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL (for database design) and finally server-side scripting language like: PHP or .Net.

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Hello techies today we are going to talk about top 10 best SEO (search engine optimization) techniques must use while designing any custom website or web-application.

Although if you are using any framework like: WordPress then you have restriction to use you technique because WordPress already base optimized for SEO or you can use some WordPress plug-in for more advanced optimization techniques like: XML Sitemap support, Google AMP support, Advanced Canonical URLs, Generates META tags automatically for social networks and many more like this.

As if you are a web designer and developers you firstly need to know all the aspects of SEO because as a designer or developer if you using any plug-in or framework without hard coded working proficiency you are not need to call yourself a professional in this software designing field. So this article only for beginner developers or designer who real want to learn about SEO.

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Profitable bidding strategies or max CPC of keyword is very important factor in terms of profit margin of any product and service. Although we can find some of the best methods to get profitable bidding value based on conversion cost of per click, avg. conversion value and conversion rate. By using conversion value you actually know what your ROI & ROAS is. So this is the right way to set your bid for you ads in digital marketing.

If you don’t know concept of ROI, ROAS & Conversion value, then before go further, you can read previous article about concept of ROI, ROAS & Conversion value. Because to finding profitable bidding strategies you need to have some basic knowledge of Profit Margin, Return on investment (ROI), Return on ads spend (ROAS) & Conversion value.

Without wasting any time lets jump into main requirements & needs of profitable bidding strategies.

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What Is ROI, ROAS And Conversion Value In Digital Marketing (or PPC).

Rajat Kumar (Tech Head) | February 20, 2017

In this article we discuss about ROI (return on investment), ROAS (return on advertisement spend) and conversion cost value of product or service in digital marketing or PPC advertisement. ROI is very important in terms of profit margin whether it is online or offline business.
Some of the questions are in your mind tickling that what does meaning of ROI & ROAS in general terms, so in the next topic we are evaluating some of the definitions & factor that affect the ROI & ROAS in digital & non-digital advertisement.

In non-digital marketing (like some: Print media, TV commercials, FM & Radios) there is so difficult to figure out what is the actual revenue or conversion cost we receiving through non-digital marketing. That’s why digital marketing is more scalable, robust, measurable, and effective in terms of revenue and conversion value of sold product and services then non-digital marketing strategies.

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Keywords Match Type In PPC For Google Ads & Bing Ads With Examples

Rajat Kumar (Tech Head) | February 05, 2017

Hello techies welcome to the new exciting article about keywords match type in PPC for Google & Bing Ads. Before we go further let’s talk some basic needs and requirements of keywords in PPC Ads. As per the Google Ads point of view keywords need in Search network & display networks mainly to trigger your Ads as per your keyword list.

When your keyword matches a query that you have typed in search engine called search network Ads. All the search Ads work around or eligible to show based on keywords that you entered in ad group list.

You know by default keywords match type is broad match type uses by Google Ads or Bing Ads, so we have created tool for all of the match type that you may select form dropdown list as per you needs to convert into specific match type called keyword match type modifier tool.

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Protecting The Organization Data From Cyber Attacks (Session - 4)

Rajat Kumar (Tech Head) | January 30, 2017

In this session we covers some of the technology and processes used by cyber security professionals when protecting an organization’s network, equipment and data. First, it briefly covers the many types of firewalls, security appliances, and software that are currently used, including best practices.

Next, this session explains botnets, the kill chain, behaviour-based security, and using NetFlow to monitor a network. Including the CSIRT team and the security playbook. It briefly covers the tools that cyber security professionals use to detect and prevent network attacks.

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In this session-3 we focuses on your personal devices and your personal data. It includes tips for protecting your devices, creating strong passwords and safely using wireless networks. It also discusses maintaining your data securely.

Your online data is worth something to cyber criminals. This session briefly covers authentication techniques to help you maintain your data securely. It also covers ways to enhance the security of your online data with tips about what to do and what not to do online.

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Hello techies in this session-2 we will talk about Attacks, concept, techniques & tricks to find vulnerability and prevent the cyber-attacks to reduce the damage of systems and confidential information of clients and customers. We also explains security software and hardware vulnerabilities and the different categories of security vulnerabilities.

The different types of malicious software (known as malware) and the symptoms of malware are discussed. The different ways that attackers can infiltrate a system is covered, as well as denial of service attacks.Most modern cyberattacks are considered to be blended attacks. Blended attacks use multiple techniques to infiltrate and attack a system. When an attack cannot be prevented, it is the job of a cybersecurity professional to reduce the impact of that attack.

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Hello techies Cybersecurity is most important things that should take into consideration in today world. So that’s why today we are starting our new series about cybersecurity. This series in 4 parts that contain all the introductory information about cybersecurity. When you were a child, did you ever imagine yourself as a Masterful Defender of the Universe — recognizing a threat, protecting the innocent, seeking out the evildoers, and bringing them to justice?

Did you know you can make a career out of that?

- Cybersecurity Guru
- Cybersecurity Forensic Expert
- Information Security Expert
- Ethical Hacker

Okay without wasting time let’s start the session.

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Difference Between Serialize() & FormData() Methods In JQuery.

Rajat Kumar (Tech Head) | January 04, 2017

Hello tech friends today we are talking about difference between serialize() & FormData() methods in jQuery. both methods are generally used for form data encoding and data processing. but before go further i am giving you some brief information about these two methods.
serialize() and FormData() are two constructors of jQuery that can manipulate or process form element (tag) data for posting to another page or store into database after form submit using jQuery & Ajax. Both the methods are process data with some pros & cons.

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