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Rajat Kumar (Tech Head)
April 03, 2017

Hello techies today we are going to discuss about how to set or change Timezone in VPS and Dedicated web hosting servers. These all methods may works in different conditions and always effective if you may want to change or set your Timezone if you’re hosting server is not in your country or region.
In this section we are going to discuss some methods of how to change you web server default Timezone if you have VPS and Dedicated web hosting servers. These methods are the best practices to change time zone for PHP and Server as wall, so without wasting so much time let’s dive into main topic.

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Rajat Kumar (Tech Head)
March 11, 2017

Hello techies today we are talking about what are the main steps that keep in mind when designing and developing any custom website or web-application.

Although when designing any custom design you should have some pre-requirements needs of programming language like: basic knowledge of front-end language that is HTML (hypertext mark-up language), CSS (cascading style sheet), JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL (for database design) and finally server-side scripting language like: PHP or .Net.

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