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Rajat Kumar (Tech Head)
January 30, 2017

In this session we covers some of the technology and processes used by cyber security professionals when protecting an organization’s network, equipment and data. First, it briefly covers the many types of firewalls, security appliances, and software that are currently used, including best practices.

Next, this session explains botnets, the kill chain, behaviour-based security, and using NetFlow to monitor a network. Including the CSIRT team and the security playbook. It briefly covers the tools that cyber security professionals use to detect and prevent network attacks.

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Rajat Kumar (Tech Head)
January 07, 2017

Hello techies Cybersecurity is most important things that should take into consideration in today world. So that’s why today we are starting our new series about cybersecurity. This series in 4 parts that contain all the introductory information about cybersecurity. When you were a child, did you ever imagine yourself as a Masterful Defender of the Universe — recognizing a threat, protecting the innocent, seeking out the evildoers, and bringing them to justice?

Did you know you can make a career out of that?

- Cybersecurity Guru
- Cybersecurity Forensic Expert
- Information Security Expert
- Ethical Hacker

Okay without wasting time let’s start the session.

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