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Rajat Kumar (Tech Head)
November 25, 2017

Hello techies today we are making some thoughtful discussion of SEO and PPC, which is best marketing technique between SEO and PPC. In today’s world digital marketing is most emerging field to make your brand awareness, sales increase, ROI (return on investment), ROAS (return on ads spend), conversation rate etc.

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Rajat Kumar (Tech Head)
February 28, 2017

Profitable bidding strategies or max CPC of keyword is very important factor in terms of profit margin of any product and service. Although we can find some of the best methods to get profitable bidding value based on conversion cost of per click, avg. conversion value and conversion rate. By using conversion value you actually know what your ROI & ROAS is. So this is the right way to set your bid for you ads in digital marketing.

If you don’t know concept of ROI, ROAS & Conversion value, then before go further, you can read previous article about concept of ROI, ROAS & Conversion value. Because to finding profitable bidding strategies you need to have some basic knowledge of Profit Margin, Return on investment (ROI), Return on ads spend (ROAS) & Conversion value.

Without wasting any time lets jump into main requirements & needs of profitable bidding strategies.

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Rajat Kumar (Tech Head)
February 20, 2017

In this article we discuss about ROI (return on investment), ROAS (return on advertisement spend) and conversion cost value of product or service in digital marketing or PPC advertisement. ROI is very important in terms of profit margin whether it is online or offline business.
Some of the questions are in your mind tickling that what does meaning of ROI & ROAS in general terms, so in the next topic we are evaluating some of the definitions & factor that affect the ROI & ROAS in digital & non-digital advertisement.

In non-digital marketing (like some: Print media, TV commercials, FM & Radios) there is so difficult to figure out what is the actual revenue or conversion cost we receiving through non-digital marketing. That’s why digital marketing is more scalable, robust, measurable, and effective in terms of revenue and conversion value of sold product and services then non-digital marketing strategies.

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Rajat Kumar (Tech Head)
February 05, 2017

Hello techies welcome to the new exciting article about keywords match type in PPC for Google & Bing Ads. Before we go further let’s talk some basic needs and requirements of keywords in PPC Ads. As per the Google Ads point of view keywords need in Search network & display networks mainly to trigger your Ads as per your keyword list.

When your keyword matches a query that you have typed in search engine called search network Ads. All the search Ads work around or eligible to show based on keywords that you entered in ad group list.

You know by default keywords match type is broad match type uses by Google Ads or Bing Ads, so we have created tool for all of the match type that you may select form dropdown list as per you needs to convert into specific match type called keyword match type modifier tool.

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