Online Image Watermark Adder Tool (BETA)

Hey techies we as a internet software develoment company actually know the importance of image/graphics copyright protection and save this media content to used by any other without our permission. So thats why we introducing Free online watermarking tool or Online Image Watermark Adder Tool, by using this tool you will simply protect your image that matter of uniqness for any online company.

This online watermarking tool just simple to use, just add your original image in first input field and in second input field select your watermark and submit. our system will automatically add watermark to your original image on bottom-right corner. This tool add the watermark without resizing or reducing quality of image. for more advanced options we are currently working on it, so stay connected with us.

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Some instruction guidelines to follow:
  1. Original image maximum dimensions size should be 1920 x 1080 px recommended for better results.
  2. Original image size should be less then or equal to 3MB.
  3. Original image should be in PNG & JPG/JPEG format.
  4. It's recommended to use watermark image in PNG format for best results.
Online Image Watermark Adder Tool

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